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Mean Thunderstorm

Much better now

Much better now

The joy of Spring storms. Thank goodness for the Thundershirt!


What? There’s room.

What? There’s room for you on the edge. Now quit disturbing my beauty rest.


My Favorite Things

Christmas is almost here!  I keep checking my stocking each day for goodies from Santa.  Mommy hides my gifts from her until Christmas Eve.  You break into gifts early one year and suddenly you can’t be trusted.  Geez!  Now I know some doggie parents out there don’t shop as early as mommy.  For those who are still looking for doggie gifts, I thought I’d share my list of favorite gifts to receive.

1. Bully sticks.  Any kind of bully sticks.  Short, long, thin, thick, straight, braided. Lots of bully sticks!

6 Inch Standard Bully Sticks

Santa, I promise to be good all year for bully sticks. Ok, well at least for Christmas day.







2. Bacon rolls!







3. Puppy Kisses!  I tolerate baths for these.

Available at







4. Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Biscuits.

Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Dog Biscuits - PetSmart

Mommy calls them “doggie crack”







5.  Atomic Treat Ball.  I love flipping this around trying to get the treats out.

Our Pets Atomic Treat Ball






6. Snoop Interactive Dog Toy.  This might be my favorite toy!  It has a deep crevice in the middle for treats.  I love trying to get the treats out by flipping, tossing, and nudging the toy.

Snoop Interactive Dog Toy





7. Thinkers Duck Sticks.  These don’t last as long as bully sticks but I love them the same! They also come in chicken.

Plato Thinkers Duck Sticks Jar





8. Zukes Minis.  These are great for when I’m practicing commands & tricks. So many flavors!

Zukes Salmon Mini Naturals

I love salmon and peanut butter!






9.  Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw.  It takes some thinking to get these treats out.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Keeps me mentally engaged.







10. Himalayan Dog chew.  It lasts a long time.  I nibble on it over days.

Himalayan Dog Chews Himalayan Dog Chew Treat






11. Pet Dreams Cratewear Plush 3 Piece set.  I love this!  I don’t like regular kennels after being in a shelter cage.  Mommy bought this wonderful kennel set and now my kennel feels like a plush, safe den to me.  I love going in it now when I want some alone time.  It comes in different colors.

Makes a crate feel like a den.






12. Petzlife TickZ – suppose to work on fleas and ticks.  Mommy just bought this a couple days ago.  It gets sprinkled on my food for 5 days and doesn’t irritate my skin like the spot treatments.

‘Tis The Season….To Be Onery

I’m back!  Sorry it’s been awhile, but we’ve been busy with mommy getting a new job, then an additional part-time job, and moving!  I’m finally settling into our new home and getting used to the slick wood floors.  Mommy’s been busy lately, so I needed to remind her that I don’t like it when she’s not paying attention to me.  What better way then to empty the trash can and leave her presents after a long day of work. BOL!


Yeah, I did it…but I’m too cute to stay mad at.


I had a nice buffet while mommy was gone.


Good think mommy loves me & is very understanding!


Had to hide my special trash stash in my kennel. The peanut butter was yummy!


Dear Santa: I’m so sorry! Please keep me on the nice list.

Mommy’s a Slacker

Ok, so mommy’s been slacking off and not posting as often lately.   I guess she kinda has good reasons:  busy with work, searching for additional part-time employment, and looking at endless rentals for a new home for us.  Specifically, mommy is considering my needs…such a good mommy.   New place must have a patio area with grass for us to chill in the nice weather, safe areas to walk me, nice neighborhood so I’m safe when mommy’s working, and enough space to play hide and seek on rainy days (ok, that’s my requirement not mommy’s).   Well…looks like mommy did well…place not only has patio but also has spacious open parks and a lake around it…PAWSOME!   I can run!  I’m so excited!  Way to go mommy!  I knew I picked you for a reason!


I picked a good mommy!

I picked a good mommy!



I Don’t Need No Stinking Bath!

Do you know how long it took me to find the right smelly stuff to roll in?

Then you go and wash it off with a bath! 

You have betrayed my trust and shall pay dearly! 

mad Suki


Yes, I’m a Big Baby

Safe in my nest area

Safe in my nest area

Yes, I bark and chase away dogs bigger than me.  Yes, I take on the wind, bad neighbors, bunnies, squirrels, bad neighbor’s bad cat, UPS truck, cars, etc.  to protect my mommy and my house.  Yes, I am fearless 99.9% of the time….unless there’s thunder and lightening!  No way, no how am I dealing with that crazy stuff.  I won’t even sleep on the bed next to mommy for protection during a storm ’cause I can see the window from the bed.  I keep myself (and apparently mommy) up most of the night whining and being a nervous Nellie.  I get too hot sleeping in my Thundershirt, so that didn’t work.  So mommy has come to the rescue and figured out a solution.  She moved my dog bed, so it’s between her bed and the dresser with the wall behind it, like a mini nest/cave.  I can’t see the window and feel protected!  I can now sleep soundly during a thunder storm.  Yay, mommy!

No Pawdicures Here

nail trim

Let’s review….I’m not going to cooperate for a nail trim….no way, no how!

You better get your combat gear on! Let’s Rock N Roll!

Suki Smackdown



I love my mommy, but sometimes she is waaaay off base on things!  Take for example the garbage.  Mommy thinks I take stuff out of the garbage somedays because I’m lonely or mad that she left.  While I may be a little peeved she’s gone, that is not why garbage winds up on the floor.  I’m a dog, and as a dog it is my duty to protect the house and mommy!  Those kleenex in the trash can were hatching an evil plot to to spread germs to my precious mommy thereby making her sick and preventing my daily walks!  The toilet paper wrapper was the mastermind behind it all.  They had to be stopped!  Mommy had to be protected from the Kleenex Kaper.  They got a Suki Smackdown and won’t be bothering my mommy anymore.  You’re welcome, mommy!


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