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Busy Buddy Treat Dispensing Waggle

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

1 paw print

I sniffed it a couple of times, but that was it.  Prefer my other toys.

Mommy’s Review:

I thought this was such a cute toy, so I bought it for Suki as a Christmas present this year.  I was so excited for her to unwrap it!  I put a couple of treats in it, but she gave it a couple sniffs then walked away.  I was crushed!

I left the toy out on the floor with treats inside to see if she was just overwhelmed with all the Christmas goodies.  After a week, the toy was still in the same spot unplayed with…treats and all.  Suki could care less about it!   Now this is very shocking, since she’s torn other toys in her mission to obtain the yummy treat inside.  I think part of the problem is the difficulty in getting the treats out.  The openings are small and tight, so the treats don’t come out well.  I’ve tried shaking it different ways, and the toy has still held the treats hostage.  The package says the treats are dispensed randomly, but so far I haven’t seen a single treat pop out.  I’m going to try and loosen the openings a bit to see if that helps and draws Suki’s interest.  For now, I would say this toy isn’t worth spending your time or money on.  If something changes, I’ll update my review.


Monster Mouth by Jolly Pets

Jolly Pets Monster Mouth

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

2 paws

This toys is hard to get treats out of!  My treats always fall to the back of the monster, and I can’t get them out. I still like trying though!

Mommy’s Review:

Suki plays with it as a treat-dispensing toy. I like it, but the treats tend to fall into the back of the toy.  The mouth doesn’t open much, so it’s hard for Suki to reach the treats at that point.  I usually have to pick up the toy and shake the treats forward in order for her to continue playing with it.  She does like the toy, but gets frustrated with it.

It’s a very durable rubber though!  No visible marks on it, even after repeatedly being in Suki’s mouth.  The rubber is also non-toxic and doesn’t have that awful rubber smell.  If your dog likes to fetch, then this toy would be a great addition to the toy basket!   It bounces funny when hits the floor which excites Suki.  For treat dispensing, it may be a little frustrating.


Atomic Treat Ball by Our Pets

Our Pets Atomic Treat Ball

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

3 paws

I like playing with this toy, but I tore up my first one.  It rolls in all different directions, so I’m entertained until I get all of the treats out.  Sometimes it rolls under the coffee table out of my reach, and I have to wait for mommy to retrieve it for me.  That makes me sad!

Mommy’s Review:

Suki really enjoys this toy!  The unique shape keeps it rolling in different, unexpected directions, which seems to absolutely delight her.   It also provides a good mental challenge for her.

The treat opening is large enough to fit most size treats.  I wish the overall size of the ball was a little bigger because it rolls under the coffee table and gets stuck out of Suki’s reach.  She is NOT amused by that. This would be a great toy for fast eaters too!  Suki inhales her food, so I used to put her kibble in this to slow her down.  She eats raw food now, so no longer a option.

If your dog is a heavy chewer, this might not be the best toy for him/her.  Suki broke off pieces around the treat hole on her first one.  I had to throw it away due to the sharp edges.  It hasn’t happened to the second one, so I don’t know if I just had a bad one the first time, or if it’s not durable.  I’ll update my review if it happens with the second one too.  Overall, I recommend the Atomic Ball for most dogs.

Dog Pyramid by Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

1 paw print

It’s hard on my mouth!  The hole is really small, so it’s hard for me to get the treats out.  I get bored of it quickly.

Mommy’s Review:

This toy is alright, but nothing great.  I like that it sways back & forth, so it does require some effort on a dog’s part.  Unfortunately, the hole for the treats is too small.  The majority of treats Suki has don’t fit through the hole.  I have to buy special tiny treats to use with this toy. Even with small treats, Suki has difficulty getting them to come out of the hole.  It’s just so small. She get tired of dealing with it after a few minutes.

I’m not impressed with the durability of the Dog Pyramid either.  Suki’s only played with it a couple times, but it’s showing some serious wear and tear already.  It’s made from a very hard plastic which seems to bother Suki’s mouth too. Overall, not worth the money.  There are much better dog toys out there.

Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

4 paws

Love, love, love my treat ball!  It’s soft on my mouth but durable too.  The grooves make it easy to pick up when I get it stuck somewhere.  I get so excited when mommy brings it out!

Mommy’s Review:

Suki loves this ball!  She starts bouncing around like a kangaroo when I take it out of the toy basket.  This rubber ball is surprisingly tough!  Suki bats it around and picks it up, but you can barely see any marks on it.  We’ve had it for almost a year, and you would think we just got it a week ago.   I also like that it has grooves in it, so it doesn’t roll as easily like other balls.  Suki has to work a little to get the treats out, so it entertains her for quite awhile.

I also like the size because it doesn’t roll under the coffee and end tables.  Suki would get frustrated with other balls when they rolled under a table and became stuck.  The sad little look on her face was heartbreaking.  She doesn’t have that problem with this ball.  The treat opening is also a good size, so majority of treats will fit.  Some of her other toys have such tiny holes, I have to buy teeny tiny treats. I highly recommend the Tricky Treat Ball!

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