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No you’re not dreaming…Miss Suki is back!

Allow me to apologize for mommy’s absence lately. There have been a lot of social, personal, financial, medical, and professional tension. Mommy is working through them, and I’m helping with cuddles and nose nudges.  We’ll be posting soon!



Resting for blogging more!

Resting for blogging more!


Pet Blogs United Featured Blogger This Week! Woohoo!

Suki and I are sooo excited to be the featured blogger this week at Pet Blogs United.  Well, ok I’m excited…Suki’s napping.  But she’s excited in her own way!

Stop on over and check out their website and my posts: If you’re not familiar with their site, it’s a pawsome central location for pet bloggers from all over to communicate and showcase their blogs.  I love that I can go to one place to catch up on many different blogs and learn of new ones!


Welcome 2013!

2013 pet blog

We made it to another year…of trying to keep resolutions!  I waited ’til 2 hours before midnight to finally decide on mine.  Yes, I procrastinated, but at least I made them!  Suki even got into the spirit and made some of her own.  We’ll see who keeps theirs the longest!

My Resolutions:

  • Spend as much time as possible with Suki, especially taking her for more walks (she helped with this one)
  • Help with animal rescue groups and shelters
  • Get in better shape (make this one every year, so maybe 2013 is the year!)
  • Work on turning my passion into a career with sustainable income
  • Cook healthier meals more often
  • Blog more often

Suki’s Resolutions

  • Perfect my sad puppy dog face to connive more treats out of mommy
  • Stop barking at the doorbell sooner before I make mommy deaf
  • Drag mommy on more walks
  • Don’t wake mommy up at crack of dawn anymore (mommy highly suggested I add this one)
  • Give mommy more room on the bed

So what resolutions did you and your pets make for 2013?

Don’t Mess With My Blanket, Mommy!

Mine, mine, mine!

Mine, mine, mine!


Suki does not like when I wash her blanket!  She gets mopey and refuses to lay on the couch until she has her blanket back.  I have to put up with the sad puppy dog eyes through until it comes safely out of the dryer.  What she thinks I’m doing with it, I have no idea!  As soon as I fold the blanket to bring it downstairs, Suki plops down on it to reclaim it.  Well excuse me for giving her a clean blanket.  LOL

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