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‘Tis The Season….To Be Onery

I’m back!  Sorry it’s been awhile, but we’ve been busy with mommy getting a new job, then an additional part-time job, and moving!  I’m finally settling into our new home and getting used to the slick wood floors.  Mommy’s been busy lately, so I needed to remind her that I don’t like it when she’s not paying attention to me.  What better way then to empty the trash can and leave her presents after a long day of work. BOL!


Yeah, I did it…but I’m too cute to stay mad at.


I had a nice buffet while mommy was gone.


Good think mommy loves me & is very understanding!


Had to hide my special trash stash in my kennel. The peanut butter was yummy!


Dear Santa: I’m so sorry! Please keep me on the nice list.


I Don’t Need No Stinking Bath!

Do you know how long it took me to find the right smelly stuff to roll in?

Then you go and wash it off with a bath! 

You have betrayed my trust and shall pay dearly! 

mad Suki


Bath, what bath? Nice try, mom!

So apparently having Suki groomed was a futile attempt on my part.  24 hours later, she’s rolling in the grass and burying her nose in dirt.  Guess grass smell is better!  LOL

Yes, got that bad “clean” smell off me.

Awkward Dog Sleeping Positions

For some reason, dogs sleep in the oddest most uncomfortable looking positions.  I decided to highlight a few of my favorites.

How is that even comfortable? BOL!!!

Um, doesn’t that chair bar feel hard?

All I can say is OW!!!!!

Someone get that doggie a pillow!

And of course my favorite!  Yes I’m biased, but c’mon…she fell asleep in the car.  How cute is that!

suki asleep in car

Rain Rain Go Away!


Go away, storm!

So it’s been storming  for 2 days, and someone is NOT happy!  Thundershirt is on and taking shelter in the kennel!

Yes, I’m a Big Baby

Safe in my nest area

Safe in my nest area

Yes, I bark and chase away dogs bigger than me.  Yes, I take on the wind, bad neighbors, bunnies, squirrels, bad neighbor’s bad cat, UPS truck, cars, etc.  to protect my mommy and my house.  Yes, I am fearless 99.9% of the time….unless there’s thunder and lightening!  No way, no how am I dealing with that crazy stuff.  I won’t even sleep on the bed next to mommy for protection during a storm ’cause I can see the window from the bed.  I keep myself (and apparently mommy) up most of the night whining and being a nervous Nellie.  I get too hot sleeping in my Thundershirt, so that didn’t work.  So mommy has come to the rescue and figured out a solution.  She moved my dog bed, so it’s between her bed and the dresser with the wall behind it, like a mini nest/cave.  I can’t see the window and feel protected!  I can now sleep soundly during a thunder storm.  Yay, mommy!

Just Where Do You Think You’re Sleeping, Mommy?

No Pawdicures Here

nail trim

Let’s review….I’m not going to cooperate for a nail trim….no way, no how!

You better get your combat gear on! Let’s Rock N Roll!

I’m Coming In!

Aww feel the love!

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