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My Picks & Misses

So I was at a party recently, and of course we started talking about our fur babies.  I mentioned products I liked and disliked, and people were jotting them down (well…typing into smartphones). Yes, I love to research products, check blogs, peruse reviews, and may even go a tad overboard, but then others don’t have to. So why not share my “love them” & “never agains” with Suki’s followers too? I’ll continue adding to the list as I have good or “what on earth was I thinking” experiences.

  • Sporn No Pull Harness – Suki is a little Houdini in every other harness I’ve tried.
  • TagWorks Blingz Collection Personalized ID tags at Petsmart – cute & durable
  • Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail – use it for full poop bags. Garage no longer smells.
  • Unrefined Coconut Oil – great for skin & coat
  • Petzlife TickZ natural flea & tick preventative – powder that goes on food & no harmful chemicals
  • Dremel 200 Series 2 Speed – economical model great for filing nails even for dogs like Suki who becomes a WWE wrestler during nail trims
  • Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball – still one of Suki’s favorites & durable
  • Simple Solution or Earth Rated poop bags
  • Flat Out Dog Leash by Ruff Wear – adjustable handle can be hand held leash or waist worn leash
  • Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover – better than anything else I tried –
  • Kong Zoom Groom brush – great dry or wet
  • Bamboo Pet Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl
  • Kyjen Outward Hound Quick Access Treat Bag – mesh pocket on outside and interior pocket for phone/keys. Can access treats quicker than other bags but stays closed so no spilling.
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Twister toy – can adjust difficulty, Suki loves it
  • Our Pets Atomic Treat Ball – durable & keeps Suki entertained


  • PediPaws Nail Trimmer – spend the money on a real dremel
  • Any standard step in harness at a pet store – I haven’t tried Gentle Leader
  • Jolly Pets Monster Mouth toy – hard to get treats out & Suki gets bored quickly with it
  • Bags-To-Go poop bags at Walmart – No, No, No!! Way too thin. Felt like I was touching poop.
  • FURminator brush – useless & painful on short haired dogs no matter what store employee tries to tell you
  • Citronella bark collars – Suki emptied the whole canister and kept barking. Didn’t phase her a bit.
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Magic puzzle toy – the bones have holes in top & Suki kept getting stuck on her nails
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Maze toy – Suki likes it, but not very durable. I’m always picking up torn off pieces of plastic from it.

My Favorite Things

Christmas is almost here!  I keep checking my stocking each day for goodies from Santa.  Mommy hides my gifts from her until Christmas Eve.  You break into gifts early one year and suddenly you can’t be trusted.  Geez!  Now I know some doggie parents out there don’t shop as early as mommy.  For those who are still looking for doggie gifts, I thought I’d share my list of favorite gifts to receive.

1. Bully sticks.  Any kind of bully sticks.  Short, long, thin, thick, straight, braided. Lots of bully sticks!

6 Inch Standard Bully Sticks

Santa, I promise to be good all year for bully sticks. Ok, well at least for Christmas day.







2. Bacon rolls!







3. Puppy Kisses!  I tolerate baths for these.

Available at







4. Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Biscuits.

Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Dog Biscuits - PetSmart

Mommy calls them “doggie crack”







5.  Atomic Treat Ball.  I love flipping this around trying to get the treats out.

Our Pets Atomic Treat Ball






6. Snoop Interactive Dog Toy.  This might be my favorite toy!  It has a deep crevice in the middle for treats.  I love trying to get the treats out by flipping, tossing, and nudging the toy.

Snoop Interactive Dog Toy





7. Thinkers Duck Sticks.  These don’t last as long as bully sticks but I love them the same! They also come in chicken.

Plato Thinkers Duck Sticks Jar





8. Zukes Minis.  These are great for when I’m practicing commands & tricks. So many flavors!

Zukes Salmon Mini Naturals

I love salmon and peanut butter!






9.  Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw.  It takes some thinking to get these treats out.

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Keeps me mentally engaged.







10. Himalayan Dog chew.  It lasts a long time.  I nibble on it over days.

Himalayan Dog Chews Himalayan Dog Chew Treat






11. Pet Dreams Cratewear Plush 3 Piece set.  I love this!  I don’t like regular kennels after being in a shelter cage.  Mommy bought this wonderful kennel set and now my kennel feels like a plush, safe den to me.  I love going in it now when I want some alone time.  It comes in different colors.

Makes a crate feel like a den.






12. Petzlife TickZ – suppose to work on fleas and ticks.  Mommy just bought this a couple days ago.  It gets sprinkled on my food for 5 days and doesn’t irritate my skin like the spot treatments.

Who Me?

Who me?

Who me?


I came home to find Suki’s Magic Mushroom toy taken apart.  The 2 pieces screw together tightly then she tip it over to get the treats out.  I made sure it was screwed on as tight as could go.  How in the world does Suki unscrew it without opposable thumbs?  I know she’s looking at me thinking “mommy will never find out!”

Nina Ottoson Dog Treat Maze


Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

Toy dispenses treats…yay!  Moves around in different ways, so takes awhile to claim my treats.  It’s falling apart from playtime though…bad!

Mommy’s Review:

I’m torn on the Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze. It spins, wobbles, and flips which entertains Suki.  There’s a maze inside, so she has to move it around in different ways to work the treats through the maze and out the hole on each side.  I like that it keeps her entertained for awhile and makes her think.  The thing that I hate about it is the quality.  I’m always picking up pieces of plastic from it that have come off during playtime.  The toy looks horrible now.

Suki is not an aggressive chewer, so I didn’t expect this toy to fall apart so easily.  If your dog likes to chew, this is not the toy for you!  There are other puzzle toys from Nina Ottosson that would be better suited.  I personally like the Dog Twister.  It has nail marks from Suki, but none of the plastic has broken off yet.  Click here for my review on it.

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