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Another Frozen Raw Food Option: K9 Natural

K9 Natural - Lamb 8lb (Makes 32lb)

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws):

Mommy still loves Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw patties, but she wanted me to have another food option for variety.  Of course it has to be safe for my kidneys and low in sodium, phosphorus, and protein.  Mommy found K9 Naturals, and I’m a big fan!  This food looks like little sausage links vs the Stella & Chewys patty. I like to inhale my food, but K9 Natural takes me a little longer to eat which is a good thing (according to mommy at least).  I love the taste!  I especially like that mommy can vary my food, and my tummy doesn’t get upset.  A+!

Mommy’s Review:

Raw food has really helped with Suki’s kidney and weight issues.  I’ve tried a few different brands, and my favorite for awhile now has been Stella & Chewys Frozen Raw patties.   I do NOT like raw food that looks bloody and makes me want to puke which was a big issue with other brands.  Due to the higher sodium count of rabbit and bison and Suki’s difficulty with chicken, she is limited to just a few flavors of Stella & Chewys though.  I wanted her to have a variety, so she doesn’t get bored or develop a reactivity to a certain meat source with long term use.  I started my search for a 2nd non-bloody option and found K9 Natural.   K9 Natural isn’t a patty but looks more like short sausage links.  So far Suki has tried the lamb and beef flavors and devours them!   The only downside I’ve found so far is that I can’t “squish” her kidney pill into them like a Stella & Chewy patty.   She’s figured out how to eat around the kidney pill a few times. Crafty little girl that Suki!  I do like that K9 Natural is a little easier to feed..  Suki only gets 1/2 a Stella & Chewy patty each meal, so I have to thaw a whole one each time, cut it up, and store the extra half for next time.  With K9 Natural, I just need to scoop the amount I need and thaw it.  The links stay in their tight form, so no mess. K9 Natural is a complete diet, so you don’t need to add any supplements or enzymes.

The feeding guidelines on the bag seem right on par with what Suki is normally fed.  Suki seems to be handling the food very well and has firm small poop on it.  I’m still on the first bag, so I haven’t been able to determine yet which brand is more cost-effective/lasts longest.  If you’re going to feed raw, I highly recommend K9 Natural and Stella & Chewys.  Because raw food is more digestible than kibble, it’s not usually an issue to rotate food brands.  I like being able to alternate between the two for variety.  You can find more information about the K9 Natural company and their products on their website

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