‘Tis The Season….To Be Onery

I’m back!  Sorry it’s been awhile, but we’ve been busy with mommy getting a new job, then an additional part-time job, and moving!  I’m finally settling into our new home and getting used to the slick wood floors.  Mommy’s been busy lately, so I needed to remind her that I don’t like it when she’s not paying attention to me.  What better way then to empty the trash can and leave her presents after a long day of work. BOL!


Yeah, I did it…but I’m too cute to stay mad at.


I had a nice buffet while mommy was gone.


Good think mommy loves me & is very understanding!


Had to hide my special trash stash in my kennel. The peanut butter was yummy!


Dear Santa: I’m so sorry! Please keep me on the nice list.


Mommy’s a Slacker

Ok, so mommy’s been slacking off and not posting as often lately.   I guess she kinda has good reasons:  busy with work, searching for additional part-time employment, and looking at endless rentals for a new home for us.  Specifically, mommy is considering my needs…such a good mommy.   New place must have a patio area with grass for us to chill in the nice weather, safe areas to walk me, nice neighborhood so I’m safe when mommy’s working, and enough space to play hide and seek on rainy days (ok, that’s my requirement not mommy’s).   Well…looks like mommy did well…place not only has patio but also has spacious open parks and a lake around it…PAWSOME!   I can run!  I’m so excited!  Way to go mommy!  I knew I picked you for a reason!


I picked a good mommy!

I picked a good mommy!



I Don’t Need No Stinking Bath!

Do you know how long it took me to find the right smelly stuff to roll in?

Then you go and wash it off with a bath! 

You have betrayed my trust and shall pay dearly! 

mad Suki


Morning Wake-up Ninja move #19

I love Suki more than anything, but she has one horrible characteristic…she’s become a morning dog since losing the weight.  Her wake-up calls can range anywhere from 4:30 am to 7:30 am.  Anything earlier than 7something is WAY TOO early!!  No, she doesn’t need to go potty.  I would not have any issue being woken at the crack of dawn if she needed to potty.  Nope…she wants a belly rub…so she can fall back asleep!

The funny thing is, she tries to be all subtle, stealthy ninja about waking me.  There’s no barking or jumping on me for a jarring wake-up.  Although, waking from a good sleep to see a dog nose an inch away or feel a wet nose in your ear can cause a little freak out.  And she seems to delight in coming up with different methods each day.   Today’s ninja move involved a furry little paw repeatedly patting my pillow right next to my head.  Once I started to stir, the furry paw started patting my arm.  After I finally opened my eyes, owner of said furry paw rolled over, belly in the air!  Really?  What does she have against sleep?!

Do your fur babies have any funny or unique ways of waking you?  I’ve love to hear them.

What?  This belly isn't going to rub itself.

What? This belly isn’t going to rub itself.

Garth Enjoyed His Winnings!

Garth was the lucky winner of the KONG Meaty Bites giveaway!   While Suki was sad to let go of the treats (she kept sniffing the bag), she’s very glad to see Garth enjoying them!  Look what a good boy he is waiting for his picture to be taken:

Garth is such a cutie!  Just look at that face!  He can be followed on twitter at https://twitter.com/garth2007


How long do I have to sit like this? Take the picture!

How long do I have to sit like this? Take the picture!


Hmm, these smell yummy.

Hmm, these smell yummy.


Finally!  I get to try them now.

Finally! I get to try them now.

The Dog Days of Summer

Poor Suki!  She just wants to go on long walks and play outside all day.  Unfortunately, summer has finally hit the Midwest with a heat advisory and high humidity all week.   It’s miserable even in the shade.  Since I would prefer not to rush Suki to the vet for heat stroke, I’ve imposed limits on her outside time.   She is NOT amused!

This “lovely” weather has put me back into summer pet safety mode again.  Dogs can’t sweat or cool down efficiently like humans, so we have to be extra careful with them in the summer.   We need to look out for them!

The folks at www.theuncommondog.com have created a cute infographic for reminders on keeping our canines cool this summer:


Also, please keep these tips in mind:

1. NEVER, EVER leave a dog in a car.  Even outside temps in the 70s can be fatal.  If I see a dog in a hot car, I will break the window and call police.   The dog’s life is way more important than your car window.  The graphic below from Out of the Woods Rescue facebook page shows how quickly the interior of a vehicle can heat up.  How about you sit in the car and see how you like it!

2. Pavement heats up quickly, especially blacktop.  Even just a few minutes can severely burn a dog’s paws to the point of blisters on their pads.  My cousin’s dog can attest to this after running down their driveway.  Make sure you protect your dog’s paws with boots or one of the many paw sticks/paw balms on the market.  Currently, I’m using pawstick from Fou Fou Pet.  I like that it’s a stick and easy to apply….plus Suki despises boots.  I just rub it across Suki’s paws and we’re ready to go with no mess.  I picked it up at a local dog store for $4.99.

3.  Water, water, water!  Again, dogs can’t sweat or cool down as quickly as humans.  Make sure they have plenty of fresh, cool water available especially on walks.   There are some cool doggie water bottles on the market, though Suki refuses to learn how to drink from them.  For our outside time, I bring a standard water bottle and collapsible water bowl.  I use the Dexas BPA free one.  I love that it has a caribiner clip, so I can attach it to the leash or a belt.  It folds/collapses very flat for storage and is dishwasher safe.

Dexas Pink Collapsible Travel Cup

4.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!  White and light colored dogs are especially susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer, but other dogs can be at risk too.  Suki has a bare spot on the bridge of her nose which needs protection.  There are several dog sunscreens on the market, but I use a baby sunscreen stick for her nose area.  It’s gentle and easy to apply.  No, she doesn’t like it…but I’m pretty sure she’d like skin cancer less!

5.  Please, please, please do not leave your dog outside in this heat.  If you’re uncomfortable or hot, your dog hit that point awhile ago.   If you’re inside comfortably cool in the AC, your dog should be too.

Mommy’s Back!

Yay!  Mommy’s back from a too long vacation and ready to blog again! 

Don’t ever leave me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very excited mommy is back!

KONG Premium Treats by JAKKS Pacific, Inc Review

Recently, I was contacted by JAKKS Pacific, Inc about doing a free product review/giveaway.  I knew JAKKS Pacific, Inc made children toys, but wasn’t aware they had a pet division.  In addition to other brands, they recently partnered with KONG to make their new line of premium dog treats.   Suki loves her KONG, so I was definitely intrigued.

Now you know I’m very picky about what Suki eats.  This house does not allow treats from China, anything with byproducts or corn, and no junk food treats.  So I did some research before agreeing to review the products.   I checked the JAKKS Pacific, Inc website to learn more about their pet division:  http://www.jakks.com/pets-brands.html.  I also checked out their line of premium dog treats on Kong’s website http://www.kongcompany.com/products/for-dogs/treats/.  Suki is not allowed any rawhide as I personally believe they’re not good for dogs, so those products were out.  I proceeded to look into the non-rawhide products.  Made in USA…check!  No wheat, corn, or soy…check!  No animal byproducts…check!  Looks like we were good to try them.  Now I want to add my disclaimer here: 

  • The treats were sent to me free of charge.
  • JAKKS Pacific, Inc initiated contact with me.
  • I was not paid one dime for my review.
  • The product review is my honest opinion, no influence from the company.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, so on to the review.

JAKKS Pacific Inc sent 3 products for review/giveaway (click on each to be taken to Kong’s product page):

KONG DrumStick Chew

KONG Fresh Breath Dental Chews

KONG Bacon Meaty Flavor Chewy Bites

I decided to have Suki try the DrumStick Chew and Dental Chews.  Since I value my followers, the Chewy Bites will be part of a giveaway.

KONG DrumStick Chew


4 paws

Suki LOVED the Drumstick Chew & gave it a 4 paws up!  She grabbed and ran to her kennel to eat it in privacy.  Apparently, there was some concern I might take it. LOL.  It took a little while to eat which is saying a lot, since she devours treats.

There were a couple downsides to it from my perspective.  First, it smelled!  I’m glad Suki took it to her kennel, so I didn’t have to smell it anymore.  I know the smell is for her benefit, but I’m the one taking it out of the bag and getting the first whiff.  Second, it was a little too rich for Suki and gave her one incident of soft poo afterwards.  Not runny, just softer than usual.  She loved the treat, so next time I’ll just give her half of it and save the rest for a few days later.

KONG Fresh Breath Dental Chews


4 paws

Suki devoured her dental chew each day.   Again, she grabbed it and ran to her kennel.  I’m starting to get a little offended she doesn’t trust me not to steal her treats.  The chews come in 3 sizes to accommodate most dogs.  They have a little flexibility to them, so I wasn’t worried about her chipping a tooth.  Some other chews out there are way too hard.

I didn’t notice a strong odor of any kind, but they still smelled delicious to Suki.  I brush her teeth every day, so  I can’t speak to the Dental Chews effect on freshening breath.  Suki’s breath is pretty good already.  I love that these can be fed directly or placed in her KONG toy for added play time.  Well done, JAKKS Pacific Inc and KONG!

KONG Premium Bacon Meaty Flavor Bites by JAKKs Pacific, Inc Giveaway

Recently, I was contacted by JAKKS Pacific, Inc about doing a free product review/giveaway for their line of premium treats for KONG.   They sent 3 products for my evaluation.  I really value my followers, so I decided to have Suki try 2 of the products (see my reviews here)  and give away the other one: Bacon Meaty Flavor Chewy Bites (click here for KONG’s product information page):


Now I want to add my disclaimer here: 

  • The treats were sent to me free of charge.
  • JAKKS Pacific, Inc initiated contact with me.
  • I was not paid one dime for the giveaway.
  • The giveaway winner will be picked randomly by me, not JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
  • The giveaway is completely free of charge, no obligation, no shipping costs, etc. 
  • Your personal information will not be shared with JAKKS Pacific Inc. or any other company beyond what you show as public on my blog.  The product will be shipped from me.

Ok the necessary stuff is out of the way, so on to the fun part:  GIVEAWAY!   Suki isn’t a pet to me…she’s my fur baby and part of the family.   My life is better for having her in it…although I could do without her crack of dawn wake up calls. LOL.  I love talking about Suki, and I’m sure you feel the same about your fur babies.  So I thought it would be great to hear how your fur baby has impacted your life.  Just post a comment to this post, and I’ll randomly pick a winner.  I’ll accept entries until 12PM CST on 6/29/13.  The winner will be announced later that day.

Since this is a contest, of course there have to be rules:

  1. Only 1 entry per household.
  2. Entries must be received by 12 pm CST on Saturday, June 29th  to be considered.
  3. Winner will be randomly picked by me and announced on June 29th.
  4. I would love to post a review of the product from the winner, but there’s no obligation.
  5. Neither I nor JAKKS Pacific Inc will be responsible for any adverse reaction or injury from the product.
  6. Product will be sent via United State Postal Service.
  7. I am not responsible for lost mail, damaged packaging, or incorrect mailing information received from winner.
  8. Any spam, offensive, or inappropriate entries will be deleted and not eligible for the giveaway.

I look forward to reading your responses and sharing some treats with your fur baby!

Ruffhides Refillable Chew Toy by Pawabunga – Review

I’m always on the look out for a long-lasting treat toy that will safely entertain Suki.  I tend to work a lot on weekends, so don’t want her becoming bored quickly.  That girl can devour a chew like nobody’s business, so giving her a plain chew didn’t work!   She’s also very smart (too smart for her own good sometimes), so it needs to be challenging as well.  I saw an ad for Ruffhides Refillable Chew Toy made by Pawabunga and was intrigued.

Pawabunga refers to the toy as a rubber wrap on their website.  The toy surrounds the chew to prevent removal by the dog but has openings for the dog to be able to chew on it.  It’s supposed to slow dogs down, make the chews last longer, and promote dental health.  Sounds good.  They are also refillable….sounds even better!  These rubber wraps come in 3 colors (blue, pink, green) and 3 sizes:  mini (up to 25lbs), classic (26 – 60 lbs), and super (60+lbs and aggressive chewers).   They come filled with rawhide, Himalayan chew, or a Pizzle (braided bully stick) and are dishwasher safe (yes!).  The Pawabunga website has a great product description page:  http://www.pawabunga.com/ruffhides/


Mommy’s Review

I chose a pink classic size one filled with the Himalayan chew for Suki…. mainly because it was the only pink one left in her size, and I really wanted pink.  LOL.  I was very excited when I took the toy out of the packaging to show Suki.  She gave it one sniff and walked away.  Talk about being disappointed!   There is a very strong rubber smell to the toy initially, so I figured it just overpowered the smell of the Himalayan chew.   After a couple days of airing it out, I tried again….same reaction.  I took the chew out and gave it to her…devoured.   It’s been a week now, so I tried again with another Himalayan.  First let me say, refilling this toy with a Himalayan is a pain!  I finally got the chew in the wrap and presented it to Suki.  She gave me a look of “have you really not learned yet?” and walked away.  I decided to try a bully stick instead…SUCCESS!  She grabbed the toy and ran off for awhile.  I think the rubber smell just overpowers the Himalayan chew too much for her particular taste.  The stronger scent of the bully stick seems to work fine.  She’s just a bully stick gal!   I bought her chew refills at a local pet boutique, but Pawabunga also sells them on their website.  Ruffhides Refillable Chew Toy may be just the answer for chew devouring dogs!

3 pawsSuki’s Review:

I give the Ruffhides toy 3 paws if a bully stick is in it.   I think mommy has finally gotten the hint I don’t want a Himalayan, so we won’t go there (1 paw would be generous).  I would give it my coveted 4 paws award if the silly wrap didn’t prevent me from devouring the bully stick in one fell swoop.  Apparently, mommy finds this to be a positive aspect of the toy.  She’s mistaken!  It takes forever!

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