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Garth Enjoyed His Winnings!

Garth was the lucky winner of the KONG Meaty Bites giveaway!   While Suki was sad to let go of the treats (she kept sniffing the bag), she’s very glad to see Garth enjoying them!  Look what a good boy he is waiting for his picture to be taken:

Garth is such a cutie!  Just look at that face!  He can be followed on twitter at


How long do I have to sit like this? Take the picture!

How long do I have to sit like this? Take the picture!


Hmm, these smell yummy.

Hmm, these smell yummy.


Finally!  I get to try them now.

Finally! I get to try them now.


KONG Premium Bacon Meaty Flavor Bites by JAKKs Pacific, Inc Giveaway

Recently, I was contacted by JAKKS Pacific, Inc about doing a free product review/giveaway for their line of premium treats for KONG.   They sent 3 products for my evaluation.  I really value my followers, so I decided to have Suki try 2 of the products (see my reviews here)  and give away the other one: Bacon Meaty Flavor Chewy Bites (click here for KONG’s product information page):


Now I want to add my disclaimer here: 

  • The treats were sent to me free of charge.
  • JAKKS Pacific, Inc initiated contact with me.
  • I was not paid one dime for the giveaway.
  • The giveaway winner will be picked randomly by me, not JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
  • The giveaway is completely free of charge, no obligation, no shipping costs, etc. 
  • Your personal information will not be shared with JAKKS Pacific Inc. or any other company beyond what you show as public on my blog.  The product will be shipped from me.

Ok the necessary stuff is out of the way, so on to the fun part:  GIVEAWAY!   Suki isn’t a pet to me…she’s my fur baby and part of the family.   My life is better for having her in it…although I could do without her crack of dawn wake up calls. LOL.  I love talking about Suki, and I’m sure you feel the same about your fur babies.  So I thought it would be great to hear how your fur baby has impacted your life.  Just post a comment to this post, and I’ll randomly pick a winner.  I’ll accept entries until 12PM CST on 6/29/13.  The winner will be announced later that day.

Since this is a contest, of course there have to be rules:

  1. Only 1 entry per household.
  2. Entries must be received by 12 pm CST on Saturday, June 29th  to be considered.
  3. Winner will be randomly picked by me and announced on June 29th.
  4. I would love to post a review of the product from the winner, but there’s no obligation.
  5. Neither I nor JAKKS Pacific Inc will be responsible for any adverse reaction or injury from the product.
  6. Product will be sent via United State Postal Service.
  7. I am not responsible for lost mail, damaged packaging, or incorrect mailing information received from winner.
  8. Any spam, offensive, or inappropriate entries will be deleted and not eligible for the giveaway.

I look forward to reading your responses and sharing some treats with your fur baby!

Stinky Dog Poo Bags? Diaper Pail to the Rescue!

Poop bags are a great method for quickly and easily picking up that lovely doggie poo.  I actually have a poop bag dispenser on both leashes, so I’m not having to stuff grocery bags in my pockets for walks.  There is a BIG downside to these lovely bags though…storing them for a week until next garbage day!  That unmistakable poo smell permeates through the garage or trash area making your nose revolt in disgust every time you walk by.  Hot, humid summer days are the worst!

I tried using odor shield garbage bags, spraying Lysol in the can, and attaching stick-ups to the garbage can lid.  Nothing worked. I finally had enough and came up with a brilliant idea…a diaper pail!  If they could contain my niece’s nasty smelly diapers (what does that kid eat anyway), why not dog poop bags?  I set about researching the different diaper pails for their ability to conceal stench, and the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail came out on top.  I ran to Target and plopped down the $25 plus tax. I have the all white one, but it now comes in white with pink accents too.

Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin - White

From the Munchkin website

The Arm & Hammer™ Diaper Pail by Munchkin® uses the odor-eliminating power of baking soda, combined with the patented self-sealing system to lock odors away. The pre-filled, vented baking soda dispenser sprinkles baking soda each time the lid is closed and continuously absorbs and eliminates odors even when the pail is not in use. The patented self-sealing system automatically seals the bag when the lid is closed and keeps it sealed when the lid is reopened. The disposable refill bags, each of which can hold up to 25 diapers, shut tight with a snap and can be easily tossed and replaced without cutting or tying. Includes (1) Pail and (1) Refill Bag. Measures approximately 21″H x 11D” and comes fully assembled.

  • Powered by odor-eliminating baking soda
  • Patented self-sealing system seals the bag as the lid closes
  • One-handed use
  • Just Snap, Seal and Toss bags to dispose


I’ve been using this for a several months now, and I can’t believe the difference.   The baking soda dispenser and self-sealing system are awesome!  Even when I open the lid to dispose of another bag, I smell fresh baking soda not poop.  The ONLY time I smell poop is when I take the old bag out of the pail on garbage day.  Even then, it’s not that bad because of the way the refill bag seals at the top.  I love that it’s so simple to use.  No twisting or annoying disposal methods like other diaper pails.  Just put the bag through the opening & shut the lid.  The pail pushes the bag down into the bottom of the pail.  It does such a good job of concealing stench that sometimes I only change the bag when it’s full and not every garbage week (the frugal part of me).  Per the manufacturer’s website, 1 refill bag can hold up to 25 diapers.  That means lot of poop bags!  The pail refills are easy to find and cost $5 – 6 for a box of 10 depending on the store (Target and Walmart seem to be cheapest in my area). I still haven’t had to refill the baking soda dispenser yet after several months.  When that time comes, I don’t have to spend money on a new dispenser. Just open it and pour more baking soda in.  The Muchkin Arm& Hammer Diaper Pail has made my nose happy again!

It’s Not the Breed! When Will People Stop Blaming the Breed?!

Today started off great…Suki didn’t wake me at the crack of dawn, she was super cuddly, we had a nice play session outside, then ate a yummy breakfast.  It was about that time I received an email about a new dog social group, South Suburban Dog Meet-Up Group, in Oak Forest, IL on that would sour my morning.  I’ve been starting to look at dog groups for Suki to have furry playtime and just be a goofy dog with other goofy dogs.  I excitedly went to the group’s home page to learn more.  That’s when I lost it.  Right on the home page was the phrase “No Aggressive dogs or dog breeds (i.e. pitbulls) allowed“.  Now I completely understand about not wanting aggressive dogs, as in individual dogs, at the events.  However, I am shocked and appalled that a fellow dog parent and dog lover would decide a whole breed is aggressive and ban them.  C’mon guy, breeds are not bad!  It’s how an individual dog is raised!

And before the critics start attacking me… no, I’m not a pit bull mom being all protective of my fur baby.  Suki is a Lab/Beagle mix, no pit bull in her (as far as I know).   However, I have met many adorable, sweet, loving pit bulls who may have licked me to death at the most.   I’ve run into far more small “cute breed” dogs that were snappy and apt to bite.  My cousin’s small dog broke my watch band and left teeth indents in my hand during a bite attack.  My neighbor’s wiener dog is so unfriendly, she told me to not move when he came up to me or he would bite.  Yet I’ve had a slobbery hand and face from a pit bull’s happy tongue with not a single mark left on me.  People like this group’s organizer are part of the problem with the prevalent breed specific discrimination and legislation occurring in areas.  As a fellow dog parent, I’m just shocked.  I emailed the group’s organizer expressing my disappointment in the group’s views.  Needless to say, Suki & I will NOT be associating with that group.

Wow! Look how aggressive that Pittie is! NOT!

Yogurt Pops…A Healthy Treat

Looking for a healthy, low fat dog treat?  Look no further!

Yogurt Pops to the Rescue!


I like being able to reward Suki with a snack here & there, but I also don’t want her putting on the pounds after our long journey to get her into shape.   She also has a very sensitive stomach, so I have to be careful what I feed her.  One day I decided to freeze some all natural, non-fat, plain yogurt in an ice cube tray and voila, yogurt pops!  They’re a healthy low fat crunchy treat that she loves!   She runs to the freezer at the mention of “yogurt pop”. The probiotics in the yogurt also aid her digestion and sensitive tummy.  A 32 oz carton of yogurt is under $3, so it’s a cost-effective treat too.  Just make sure to use plain yogurt, since the flavored ones have quite a bit of sugar in them.  For added flavor, I sometimes freeze slices of fresh fruit in the yogurt.  I’ve found the silicone ice cube trays are the easiest for popping them out once frozen.


yogurt pops

Ready for the freezer!


Why Oh Why?!

Can someone please explain why people do this to their dogs? 

Why oh why?!

Hope the dog pees on his pet parent.


Big Furry Babies








Now I love just about any dog  (ok, I love Suki the best), but I have a special fascination with “super-sized” fur babies.  It just boggles my mind how some dogs can become so enormous.  I especially like  Giant George the Great Dane, aka the World’s Biggest Dog (until another Great Dane became tallest in September 2012).  There’s just something about a large dog that has an eternal dopey, gangly puppy look.   I’m in awe of his size and how it would be to live with a “giant”.   Plus I just want to snuggle up to him!  Mind you, I don’t want the monthly food bill!  LOL.  If you haven’t read his book yet, please do!  It’s a fascinating and informative read detailing a sweet puppy’s journey to becoming the Guinness World Records holder and hobnobbing with Oprah.

When a friend sent me a link to a buzz feed article about some of the biggest dogs , I just had to share with my followers.  Yes, Giant George is among them.  And here I thought Suki was a big bed hog!


Lessons Learned (or How to Survive Having a Dog)

Dogs are cute, playful, lovable, and loyal!  We hear about how animals can improve a person’s mood and health, encourage people to exercise more, and increase your socializing.  There’s nothing quite like the love of a dog.  As soon as I walk in the door and see Suki’s excitement at me being home, I forget any bad things that have happened that day.  She brings unbelievable joy to my life.  She’s just a perfect little fur baby!

Then I forget to close the bathroom door and receive a dose of reality:


It’s a doggie scavenger hunt!

 Now this is completely my fault.  I know she likes to express her dislike of me leaving sometimes and only with this particular trash can.  I know better than to not close the door.  This latest garbage expression got me to thinking about the lessons we learn from our dogs or cats.  I’ve learned (well most of the time) to shut the master bathroom door.  For whatever reason, Suki has a special affinity for this trash can.

I know what I want is in this trashcan somewhere.

I know what I want is in this trashcan somewhere.

The Sunday paper presents a weekly battle I like to call Suki vs. The Paper.  I only receive the Sunday paper, so I’m only asking for 30 minutes, 1 day a week of peace to read it.  Suki has other ideas.   I can read books or magazine without issue, but for whatever reason the paper has become her nemesis.  As soon as I get it out, she pounces on it and won’t move!


Nothing in here you need to see.

I also learned to warn any friends watching Suki to never leave a can of dog food within her reach with the lid opened…ever!   My friend was watching her while I was on vacation, and left the room for a few minutes to check on her baby.  Suki seized the opportunity!  She took the can off the desk and “opened” it herself.  Guess she was tired of waiting.  She suffered a minor cut to her paw which healed fine.  We’re very lucky she didn’t sustain more severe injuries.

chewed can

Another valuable lesson learned:  Suki is a pig and will eat anything…including the bottom of a hot/cold insulated bag.  I mean really?   Mental note: make sure pantry door is fully closed from now on.

suki and bag

Mouse traps (hoarder neighbors, don’t ask) are ok…mouse traps with peanut butter (Suki’s fav) as bait are BAD!  Suki is a peanut butter junkie!  Not even tightly shut bait doors can stop here. The traps were in different places when I left.  This is want I came home to:

What?  I had a mid-day snack.

What? I had a mid-day snack.

I have learned over and over and over that my pillow is community property.  Now mind you, there are 2 pillows on the bed, so Suki could have her own if wanted.  Nope, always lies on mine. If I switch pillows, she switches.  I’ve just learned to sleep “cozy” with her.  LOL. She’s a little cuddle bug….and I love it!

suki on pillow

What lessons have you learned as a pet parent?


OMG!  I do this every single time!  Suki probably thinks I’m nuts running around like a crazy woman trying to find the remote while covering my eyes with my hand, so I don’t accidentally see any part of the commercial, all while screaming “where’s the remote”.  I cry and am depressed the rest of the day if I see it.  I can’t even listen to the song on the radio and deleted it from my iPod.

I know people need to be aware of the animals in shelters and the help they need.  I freely donate to ASPCA and other animal rescues.  I’m looking into volunteering at a local no-kill shelter to provide human interaction for the dogs and cats.  It’s not that I’m in denial of their situation…that commercial is just way too much!  I want to adopt every animal on there, but can’t, so end up feeling like a horrible person for not saving them.  How about we show the animals playing and highlight their loving personalities rather than sad faces to encourage adoptions?

Welcome 2013!

2013 pet blog

We made it to another year…of trying to keep resolutions!  I waited ’til 2 hours before midnight to finally decide on mine.  Yes, I procrastinated, but at least I made them!  Suki even got into the spirit and made some of her own.  We’ll see who keeps theirs the longest!

My Resolutions:

  • Spend as much time as possible with Suki, especially taking her for more walks (she helped with this one)
  • Help with animal rescue groups and shelters
  • Get in better shape (make this one every year, so maybe 2013 is the year!)
  • Work on turning my passion into a career with sustainable income
  • Cook healthier meals more often
  • Blog more often

Suki’s Resolutions

  • Perfect my sad puppy dog face to connive more treats out of mommy
  • Stop barking at the doorbell sooner before I make mommy deaf
  • Drag mommy on more walks
  • Don’t wake mommy up at crack of dawn anymore (mommy highly suggested I add this one)
  • Give mommy more room on the bed

So what resolutions did you and your pets make for 2013?

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