Suki vs. BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training)…Bring It On



So mommy has FINALLY finished reading the Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Aggression, Frustration and Fear in Dogs book (I think she has ADD)!  She wants to order the DVD now.  Seriously?  I think it’s so cute how she believes she’s all ready to make me behave around other dogs  Yeah, ok.  Does this look like the face of someone who’s going to play along? I don’t think so!  BOL

Mommy and I have very different opinions of other dogs.  She sees them as cute furry babies who need to be petted.  I see them as all that is evil in this world and need to be stopped…that plus I don’t like to share momm.  Ok, so maybe walks are a little stressful for mommy and hard on her leash-holding arm, but I don’t want any dogs coming near us.  She’s my mommy!  Back off!

Now I’m all prepared to show BAT who’s boss (me…in case you were wondering) and mommy that she wasted her money, but then she brings out the clicker and treat bag.  Hmm…I might be in trouble.   I do like my treats.  Ok, BAT…bring it on!


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