OMG!  I do this every single time!  Suki probably thinks I’m nuts running around like a crazy woman trying to find the remote while covering my eyes with my hand, so I don’t accidentally see any part of the commercial, all while screaming “where’s the remote”.  I cry and am depressed the rest of the day if I see it.  I can’t even listen to the song on the radio and deleted it from my iPod.

I know people need to be aware of the animals in shelters and the help they need.  I freely donate to ASPCA and other animal rescues.  I’m looking into volunteering at a local no-kill shelter to provide human interaction for the dogs and cats.  It’s not that I’m in denial of their situation…that commercial is just way too much!  I want to adopt every animal on there, but can’t, so end up feeling like a horrible person for not saving them.  How about we show the animals playing and highlight their loving personalities rather than sad faces to encourage adoptions?


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  1. Me, too, exactly the same, except I hold my breath, too, for some reason. It’s needed for those who just don’t know, so I can’t begrudge them the air time. But, I already know and help, and have adopted from the shelter, etc; I just can’t stand to see one image in that commercial. I felt so guilty about that; I was relieved to read your post. So, I’m not alone!

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