Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Ooh this blanket is warm and comfy!

Ooh this blanket is warm and comfy!

So apparently 5 degrees with a negative wind chill that makes it feel like -13 degrees is too cold for an evening walk!  Not only that, but I have to wear a coat just to go out and potty!  And mommy makes me come in right after I potty.  Can you believe it?  No play time!  Some BS about how it’s bitter cold, and I’ll freeze my doggie tail off.  Personally I think mommy is just using the cold weather as an excuse to not exercise tonight.   But then again cuddling under a blanket isn’t so bad after all.  I could get used to this. BOL!!

If you’re not mean like my mommy and taking your dog on walks the next couple of days, please follow some precautions:

  • Dogs can get frostbite just as easily as humans.  Dog boots are a wonderful way to keep our paws warm.  So far I haven’t seen any nose , ear, or tail protectors for us, so please limit the time you have us outside in this bitter cold weather.  We would prefer to keep all of our parts.
  • Snow, ice, and salt can burn our pads.  If we’re not wearing boots, we should be wearing paw protector.  Mommy likes Musher’s Secret the best. Please make sure to wipe our paws off when we come inside too.  We have a tendency to lick our paws, and the salt can really make us sick.
  • Short coated dogs and little dogs need a coat in this weather.  Our fur isn’t as insulating and warm as that of say a husky.  If you need a coat, hat, and gloves on to be comfortable, then we need a coat too.
  • If going for a walk, don’t forget the water.  It’s just as important in the winter as it is in the summer.
  • Try to walk more in the daytime when the sun is out.  Any little extra warmth can make a big difference.
  • Light colored dogs can still get sunburned in the winter.  Don’t forget the sunscreen on sensitive parts.
  • Never ever leave us outside in this weather!

Stay Warm!


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  1. There is a nasty man that lives by the woods behind my house and he used to have two old dogs fence off out by his pond. This is at least 400 feet from the house and the only time he went out there was to feed them once a day. Rain, snow, sleet, hail or the heat of summer those guys were out there in it. He had a little metal hut for them, and that is it. 😐

    Your pup looks so comfortable! He is lucky to have you for a friend. 🙂

    • OMG! I would have called the Humane Society or freed the dogs myself! People like that should not be allowed to have animals.

      Oh Suki is very comfortable! She is queen of comfort. LOL. She’s definitely my baby and cuddle bug.

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