Pick Up Poop in Style


Since Suki refuses to pick up her own poop (such a diva), I’m stuck doing it.  Now Suki is a pooping machine on walks, so I’ve become quite the connoisseur of poop bags and dispensers!  I’ve tried different styles, brands, materials, etc.  Some dispensers worked well while others were a pain in the you-know-what.   I’d like to share my experience, so you don’t have to waste your money on a bad dispenser.  If you’re skimming the review, there’s a summary rating next to each product.  PASS means not a great product, move on.  KEEPER means it’s worth checking out.


Doggie Walk Designer Bag


Designer Doggie Walk Bag – KEEPER

This is my personal favorite!  Suki’s blinged out in a pink collar and tag, so pink was the obvious color choice.  But don’t worry, the dispenser also comes in black, blue, green, purple, and red.  It also comes in a duffel bag shape which I will try next (see photo below). This is a nice lightweight fabric dispenser that doesn’t swing back and forth on the leash or add extra weight.  It attaches with a velcro loop instead of a metal or plastic clip like others, but so far it has stayed securely on the leash.  I haven’t used it in the rain yet, so not sure if it will stay attached when wet. The compact size is really nice, and I don’t feel the bag is in the way on the leash handle like I did with some other brands.  An added bonus is the size of the poop bags!  They are longer than other brands, so I can pick up more with one bag.  The extra length is really nice to avoid getting poop on you as well.  The bag refills come in 2 styles:  standard open top or tie handle top.  I don’t really have a preference between the two, since the bag is long and leaves plenty of room to tie it closed. This is definitely my favorite dispenser so far.  I found the dispenser and refill bags less expensive at bestbullysticks.com than in stores.

This is what the duffel style looks like (also available in multiple colors):

Pink/Black Duffel Doggie Walk Dog Bags | Doggie Walk Bags

Duffel Doggie Walk Dog Bags








Petco Purple Dual-Opening Dispenser with Refill Bags On A Roll

Petco Dual-Opening Dispenser

Petco Dual-Opening Dispenser – POSSIBLE KEEPER

I liked the idea that bags could be pulled from either the side or bottom on this dispenser.  This dispenser does swing back and forth on walks, but not nearly as much as the Arm & Hammer one.  It hasn’t been a problem yet, though I’ve only had the dispenser for about a week.  If you use the side pull method, then you can use any brand of refill bags.  I like that I don’t have to hunt for a specific bag and can price shop.  If you use the bottom pull down method, you may need to buy the specific bags at Petco.  They have a little tab on them that allows the bag to be pulled down at the start of each roll.  When the current roll ends, I’m going to try a non-tab roll  to see if it works or not.  The bottom pull method does cause the bag to come out compressed (somewhat like a spiral), so it takes a little longer to unfold and open. The clip seems to attach to the leash securely.  Overall, this is a good dispenser, and my 2nd favorite!


Arm & Hammer Rewinding Waste Bag Dispenser & Bags

Arm & Hammer Waste Bag Dispenser & Bags

Arm & Hammer – PASS

I thought this would be a great idea because of the odor deodorizing bags and rewind feature.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to pull the bag out too far and end up with extras hanging out.  The concept is great, but the design is flawed.  First, the dispenser is a hard plastic material that hangs down farther than other dispensers.  I lost count of how many times the dispenser swung and hit my hand.  It also was annoying  with the heavier weight swinging back and forth the whole walk.  Unless your dog tip toes, it’s going to swing.  Second, you can only use the Arm & Hammer bags in the dispenser due to the interior design.  This is a problem for me, since not every story carries these bags, and they are more expensive than other brands.  Finally, the top and bottom don’t seem to fit well together.  I was constantly checking to make sure the bottom didn’t come off and my bags had fallen out. I returned the dispenser after a couple of days.


Bags on Board Pink Bone Dog Waste Pick Up Dispenser & Refill Waste Bags

Bags on Board Bone Shaped Dispenser

Bags on Board Bone Shaped Dispenser – PASS

This used to be my “go to” dispenser, but the company has made some undesirable changes.  First off, the bags with this dispenser have seriously shrunk!  They used to be a very nice size bag that was easy to pick up poop with plenty of room left to tie the bag closed.  Unfortunately, the bags are much shorter now, and I always feel like I’m going to get poop on my hand when I use them.  The dispenser and hook are not as durable anymore.  It fell off the lease multiple times, and the hook broke this last time.  I had to duct tape it back together until I purchased a new dispenser. Definitely not worth the money.


Bags on Board Classic Dispenser & Refill Bags

Bags on Board Classic Dispenser

Bags on Board Classic Dispenser – PASS

I did not like this dispenser at all!  It hangs low on the leash and swings back and forth.  It was very annoying on walks.  As with the bone shaped version, the bags are way too short for my liking.  The dispenser attaches to the lease with a cheap, flimsy plastic tie that was a pain to put on.  I didn’t trust it to hold, so I kept checking the dispenser…not exactly an enjoyable walk.  The worst part about this dispenser is trying to put the bags in it!  The lid is difficult to remove with just your hand. I used a screwdriver to pry the top off.  I would avoid this product at all costs.




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