Behind the Name

One of the first orders of business when you bring home a fur baby is choosing a name.  You don’t want to say “come dog” forever.  Name are very unique and come about in many different ways.  I thought it would be fun to find out what everyone named their pets and why.

Suki’s Story

Suki had a very rough life before I adopted her.  She had been abused, abandoned, found on the side of the road, and shoved in a high-kill shelter down south.  Luckily a wonderful local rescue group here broke her out and brought her up here to a foster family.  She was so scared of being hit when I brought her home.  Even lifting my arm to get something down would scare her.  It just broke my heart. I made the mistake of swatting a fly with a magazine the first day which sent her into cowering tremors and submissive peeing.  Her previous owners better hope I never find them!

She has such a sweet and loving personality and just wants to be cuddled.  I wanted to give her a name that not only fit her personality but also signified a new happy life for her.  So I set about researching the meanings of words and came across Suki which means “beloved” in Japanese.  It was perfect!

How did you choose your pet’s name?


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  1. Wow, I never knew she was a rescue doggy, congrats to you and a big highfive on giving her the perfect home, and a new start on life! Suki is the perfect name. Kirby is simply named kirby, because when I picked him up from the breeder’s, they were almost going to keep him so had named him and were calling him Kuritce. When I brought him home I never liked the name so knew I had to change it, but he was already responding to kurtice. So I thought of things that simply started with Kur, and that’s where I got Kirby. Not really a great story but his all the same! 🙂

  2. Awww… I love that you were able to save her! My little dog is named Tucker, and it was because the moment I picked him up and held him on my forearm, he tucked his head between my upper arm and body and hid it there! He did that every time I picked him up for several weeks until he adjusted to his new home. My big dog is named Buddy because I got him to keep me company when I hiked in California. I know, I am just so original, huh? 😉

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