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Halloween Tips for Pet Safety

It’s that time of year again!  Most of our parents know to watch the dangerous chocolate around us, but there are other dangers with Halloween.  Not only can the ghosts and goblins ringing the doorbell spook us pets, but some of us even become lost in the chaos.  Please make sure our ID tags are on, even if they don’t match our costume.  We thank you for wanting to share the holiday with us, but please keep in mind these tips from ASPCA or those below from

Halloween Safety for Dogs

Keep Your Dog Safe for Halloween

By , Guide

Halloween can be a fun time of year for the whole family – even your dog. However, there are also many potential dangers and sources of stress for your dog. Just remember to keep your dog safe from these Halloween hazards.

  • Halloween Candy and Other Treats

    Remember that human treats are not usually good for dogs! Candy – especially chocolate – can be extremely toxic to your dog. Artificially sweetened candy, gum and other goodies may also contain xylitol, a highly toxic substance. Dogs may also ingest food wrappers, causing a risk of choking, upset stomach or gastrointestinal blockage. Various party snacks can be too salty and may contain ingredients that can poison your dog. Alcoholic beverages and dogs do not mix – they pose a significant risk of severe illness or even death! Keep all of these “human goodies” far out of your dog’s reach. If you are not positive that you can keep your dog away from these hazards, then consider confining your pet to another area of your home during the festivities. Keeping appropriate dog treats around for your dog can be a great idea, but remember not to overfeed. Sliced carrots or apples (hold the caramel) can be tasty and healthy snack alternatives for people and dogs alike!

  • Halloween Decorations

    Your dog is bound to be curious about new objects around the house, and that includes Halloween decorations. Be sure decorations are not in areas where your dog could ingest them or bump into them. Power cords trip your dog or lead to electrical shock if chewed. Be careful with the placement of jack-o-lanterns – have you ever seen a dog eat a whole pumpkin? It is not pretty! Also, candles can be knocked over, potentially burning your dog and/or starting a fire. Other decorations can be eaten or broken, causing serious harm to your dog. Have fun and decorate – just think about your dog first!

  • Trick-or-Treaters and other Guests

    Though many dogs love visitors, some can become fearful of strangers. Many dogs will even be afraid of people they know if those people are in costumes. Plus, constant ringing of the doorbell might get your dog over-excited or very stressed out. Think about your dog’s typical reaction to visitors and take extra precautions for Halloween. Keep your dog at a distance when greeting trick-or-treaters by putting up an baby gate or confining her to another area of the home. When inviting guests into your home, introduce them to your dog in a positive manner. If your dog seems afraid of guests in costumes, remove her from the situation calmly. During parties and loud gatherings, your dog might do best in another area of your home unless she is used to these types of events and has done well in the past.

  • Halloween Costumes for Dogs

    Some dogs really enjoy getting dressed in costumes – they might ham it up and revel in the attention. Other dogs can become scared or uncomfortable in clothing of any type. If you want to dress your dog up, start simple and see how she handles it. If she does not like it, then don’t push the issue. Try a Halloween bandanna or collar instead. If your dog does seem to enjoy getting dressed up, be certain you choose a costume that fits comfortably. If it is too tight, it could cut off circulation or cause sores to develop. Loose-fitting outfits can trip your dog or get caught on objects around the house. Because of these potential dangers, never leave your dog unattended in the costume. She could become injured or may ingest parts of the costume and choke, become sick, or develop gastrointestinal blockage.

  • Outdoor Dangers

    I personally feel that unsupervised dogs are best kept indoors year-round, though some dogs will do fine living outdoors alone. However, the rules are different during the Halloween season! It is extremely crucial that you keep your dog indoors unless directly supervised. Sadly, there are cruel people who have twisted ideas of fun this time of year – and your dog can be the victim. Though it is more widely know that black cats are targeted during Halloween, any household pet can be at risk and MUST be kept indoors!

Your dog can be part of Halloween fun if you play it safe. As always, follow common dog safety rules: be certain that your dog wears current identification at all times, keep your dog on a leash when outdoors, and keep her safe from potentially dangerous situations. Have fun, be safe and have a happy Halloween!


Happy Howl-O-Ween!

Candy is in the bowl, my embarrassing costume is ready, and mommy has taken the obligatory photos to extend my embarrassment past today…let the trick or treating begin! Check out my tips for keeping your dog safe tonight on Suki’s Corner.



What’s the Problem?

So apparently mommy is not happy I’m sound asleep and snoring again.  Something bout me waking her up early on a Saturday morning then going back to sleep once she was up for good…blah, blah, blah.  I tuned her out as I was drifting back into blissful dreamland.


Saturday Humor

Too Cute!  Sticking together!

Doggie Lesson


Yikes, I’m soooo guilty of these!

Starmark Bob-A-Lot

Bob-A-Lot for Small Dogs

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws):

This toy was fun because it bobbed around, but it was no match for my determination!  I got tired of trying to get the treats to come out of the small opening, so I chewed open the top and made my own opening.  Mommy was not happy with me!  She had to throw out my new toy cause the top was all chewed up with rough edges that could cut me.

Mommy’s Review:

I thought this toy was adorable and couldn’t wait for Suki to play with it.  While she did have fun with it and was entertained, it didn’t stand up to her.  I went outside for a little bit and came back in to find the top completely chewed off and a new large opening in the toy.  Suki isn’t a chewer either, so I think she became frustrated trying to get the treats out of the little hole and made it more efficient. LOL.  I still think this is a good toy, but not one to be left unsupervised with Suki.

Stella and Chewy’s Raw Frozen Food

Stella And Chewys Surf N Turf Raw Dog Food

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws):

Mommy put me on these food because I was having weight and kidney problems.  In addition to medication, I needed a low protein, low sodium, and low phosphorous diet which is hard to find in kibble.  The vet wanted to put me a corn based Science Diet food…yuck!  Luckily mommy did research and chose raw food.  I also eat Nature’s Variety raw too. I feel so much better on this food and my kidney counts are stable now. I’ve also lost weight and am in my ideal range finally.  Plus the food is soooo yummy!

Mommy’s Review:

Raw food has really helped with Suki’s kidney issues.  I’ve tried a few brands of raw frozen foods, and my favorite is Stella & Chewy’s with Nature’s Variety Instinct a close 2nd because it’s more expensive than Stella & Chewy’s.  Other brands than these were really running and bloody when they thawed, but not Stella & Chewy’s.  These are so easy to use and stay in the patty form when thawed. It’s a complete diet, so you don’t need to add any supplements or enzymes.

I do feed less than the amount listed on the bag for Suki’s weight, because it seems Stella & Chewy’s recommends higher amounts than other companies for the same size patty.  I spoke with a vet and the pet boutique employee and the  amount on the bag was too much for Suki.  If you’re going to feed raw, I highly recommend Stella & Chewy’s. They also have a freeze dried food if you’re not into the raw diet.  I haven’t tried it yet.  You can find more information about the company and their products on their website

Preimier’s Busy Buddy Rip N Tug Ball Toy

Suki’s Paw Rating (1 to 4 paws)

I love this toy!  Mommy likes to pretend to throw it a couple times before actually throwing it.  That’s our little game, and I get so excited!  This toy is a blast because I get to rip and chew open something without getting in trouble (FYI, plastic bags are NOT to be ripped/chewed open per mommy). Plus my hard work is rewarded with yummy treats inside.

Mommy’s Review:

We’ve had the Premier Busy Buddy Rip N Tug Ball Toy for several months now, so I feel confident on reviewing it now.  The Ball is lined with fabric fastener that the dog can rip in two, and doubles as a tug toy. Inside each half is a velcro pouch that can be filled with Fido’s favorite treats! The ball “pieces” can then be fastened together with the velcro to form a ball.  The dog has to rip over the ball pieces then the pouch pockets.

Suki goes crazy when I pull out this toy!  It’s definitely well made!  Suki has ripped it over many times…and believe me she is not gentle!  Her goal is to get to the treats inside as quickly as possible.  Even after several rounds with Suki, the toy is still in great condition and none of the fabric has torn.  I highly recommend this toy!

Bed Time with a Fur Baby

So true!  How does Suki take up so much room!

So true!  Somehow I always end up sleeping on the edge with dog limbs all over me. At least Suki’s comfortable…lol.

Who Needs an Alarm Clock?

Pretty accurate for my house.

Suki loves to wake me up early with her nose right up in my face.  If I roll over, she paws at me, whines, nudges my arm with her nose, and lays on me.  If I still don’t get up, she stands on me with all 50 lbs of her buddha belly.  Suki likes her mornings!

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